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Welcome to Holtor, one of the best furniture wholesaler in USA! With our expansive selection, unbeatable prices, and superior customer service we are your one-stop destination for all your furniture needs. At Holtor, we understand the significance of finding furniture pieces to complement any space – be it a home, office, or commercial establishment with a vast array of high-quality pieces suited for every style and budget available from us.

As one of the premier furniture wholesaler in the USA, we take great pride in offering an expansive selection that caters to various tastes and preferences. From modern designs to timeless classic styles, our experienced professionals carefully curate our inventory so as to only provide premium furniture from trusted manufacturers. What sets us apart from competitors is our dedication to exceptional customer service. We aim to make your shopping experience smooth and pleasurable; our knowledgeable and helpful staff is always on hand to assist in selecting furniture pieces to meet your unique needs.

Living Room Furniture forms the core of your living space’s aesthetic and functionality, creating an environment that speaks to you while offering comfort and utility. From sofas that offer cozy spots for relaxation to entertainment units that organize media essentials, each piece plays an integral part in shaping the character of your living room.

Dining room furniture comprises an assortment of pieces designed to create a harmonious dining environment, including dining tables, chairs, sideboards, buffets, hutches, and bar carts. Crafted from different materials like wood, metal, marble, or even combinations thereof – its aim is to create an aesthetically pleasing space while meeting practical needs simultaneously.

Holtor offers an expansive collection of Bedroom Furniture to enhance the sleep environment in your bedroom. Make it a sanctuary of comfort, style, and functionality tailored to meet your specific tastes and needs with handpicked pieces from top designers that combine aesthetic beauty with functionality for maximum daily life enhancement.

Unveil an exquisite collection of carefully crafted dining tables designed to meet a range of needs and preferences, from modern minimalism to timeless classics. Our dining tables boast designs to complement all interior styles. Each is an individually handcrafted work of art destined to add an air of sophistication and refinement to your dining area.

Holtor offers an exquisite collection of Dining Chairs to fulfill the highest levels of comfort, elegance, and functionality in any dining space. Convert it into an oasis of sophistication while enjoying fine dining – at Holtor we recognize that your dining area serves more than just as a place for eating; it provides opportunities for conversations to ensue and memories to form!

Transform your outdoor spaces into havens of comfort and elegance with our exquisite selection of Outdoor Furniture. Whether you’re seeking to enjoy quiet time alone or host memorable gatherings with family and friends, our curated selection promises to elevate the experience to new levels of relaxation and elegance. Enhance your lifestyle today with Holtor!


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By selecting our ODM Manufacturing service, you are opening up a world of advantages. Say goodbye to generic products and welcome personalized masterpieces that perfectly reflect your brand and target audience. Our efficient processes guarantee that your ideas become finished products quickly while meeting all quality standards throughout their production.

Our OEM Manufacturing service empowers businesses to elevate their offerings to new heights. By partnering with us, you’re not just choosing a manufacturer; you’re securing a competitive advantage in the market. Our tailored solutions and cutting-edge technology ensure that every product we create meets the highest standards of excellence. 

Attractive design combined with functional execution is at the heart of every unforgettable experience, which makes our FF&E Manufacturing service stand as a testament to craftsmanship. We specialize in turning spaces into captivating realms while tailoring each creation we craft specifically to reflect your unique brand identity.


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