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Outdoor Furniture

We craft premium outdoor furniture solutions. Our products boast a real wood look yet are durable, weather-resistant poly made in the USA. Easy to clean and maintain for carefree living outdoors. Our sustainable practices mean you get quality without harming nature. We use solar power and recycled plastics in production. This reflects our commitment to both customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility. Whether enduring Alaska’s ice or Arizona’s heat, our work lives on your patio all year long—no cracks or fading colors here! Perfect for making lasting family memories outside. So when it comes to wholesale outdoor furniture supply? Think Holtor: Where luxury meets longevity at your doorstep.
Upgrade your outdoor space with Holtor: Where luxury meets longevity at your doorstep.

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Explore Our Outdoor Furniture Collection

At Holtor, we offer a vast array of outdoor furniture that suits every space. Our chairs and tables transform areas into cozy spots for guests to enjoy. Durable umbrellas shield from sun or rain, ensuring comfort in all weather. For tidy spaces, litter receptacles are sleek yet functional additions to any setting. Each item promises longevity with robust materials ready for harsh climates.

Holtor’s Wholesale Partnership Program

Our Quality Wholesale Partnership Program tailors to your needs. We provide top-tier outdoor furniture for multiple settings – think hotels, eateries or villas. Our pieces last; built from aluminum, wicker, teak and steel designed specifically for the outdoors. You’ll gain a dependable team committed to service beyond the sale. Rely on us for diverse high-grade options without worrying about wear.

Why Choose Us?

Durable Weather-Resistant Designs

Our furniture braves sun, rain, and wind. Crafted to last with tough materials; no rust or fade here. We test rigorously for enduring strength outdoors. Your spaces stay stylish through all seasons. Count on our designs for long-term outdoor elegance.

Exceptional Outdoor Furnishing Variety

Holtor presents a vast selection of outdoor tables. Our range has sizes for intimate dinners or large gatherings. Wicker sets offer lightweight, robust and comfortable options. For varied tastes, we carry traditional round to modern L-shaped designs. Our accessories complete your space with practical elegance.

Holtor’s Commitment to Excellence

At Holtor, our drive for excellence shapes every chair we make. We hold tight to top craft standards in outdoor furniture. Each piece reflects our promise of quality and care. With us, you get lasting style that stands up to the sun and rain alike. Trust in Holtor means trust in furniture that outlasts seasons.

Effortless Ordering Process Online

Our online ordering is simple, fast. Just pick your style, color; we handle the rest. Our chairs come in many shades to fit any space or taste. Each piece resists weather year-round, requires little care from you. Proud American craftsmanship means lasting outdoor enjoyment for all.

Customizable Options for Businesses

We tailor outdoor furniture for any business need. Options range from robust, weatherproof park fixtures to luxurious hotel pieces. Choose fabrics or leathers; our designs fit your style. Vibrant, elegant options await in ready-made collections or custom orders. Contact us—let’s craft your ideal outdoor space together.

Bulk Order Advantages and Savings

Ordering in bulk slashes costs, boosting your savings. You get more for less; economies of scale work wonders here. Enjoy hefty discounts exclusive to large orders with us. Streamlined logistics means lower shipping fees per item. Our volume pricing model puts money back into your pocket.