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Welcome to Holtor. We specialize in supplying the most stylish and exquisitely crafted side tables that match well with your other decor. Be it your sofa, couch or your sitting table. Our side tables will add a touch of elegance to your living area. We are not just sellers but engaged in OEM, ODM manufacturing that blends knowledge and elegance. Our tables are not just “stuff-holding” tables. You will be mesmerized by the design and construction of the tables. We promise you will think twice before placing something on those side tables.

Let Our Wood Side Tables Hold Your Glass of Wine

Holtor is one of the most prominent companies that offer ODM, OEM-based manufacturing and furnishings. Our wooden furnishings have established us as a leader in the furniture industry. We are not just manufacturers; we are wholesalers of the finest wooden furniture in the United States. Our consumers come from all over the world, and we guarantee the most durable and long-lasting furniture ever.

Round Side Tables

Our side tables represent the pinnacle of classic style and luxurious furnishings. Our round side tables are available in a variety of finishes, including metal, glass, gloss, stone, and wood. You would want to have a variety of side tables for your living space. Individuals can also use these tables to display vintage items in their rooms and office cabins.

Glass Side Tables

Glass side tables are something that grabs the attention of everyone who enters your living room. We provide such elegance in the manufacturing of glass tables that you can even see your face on them. The finish, style, and structure, are all customizable and give a nice touch of furnishing to your living room area. You can rely heavily on our glass side tables.

Glossy Side Tables

Give your living room a dazzling touch of aesthetics with our gloss finish side tables. Your furniture will grab more attention than ever before and you will be surprised to know how little you need to tell that “This is from Holtor”. Our perfection is clearly visible when you can spot even a tiny speck of dust (if it is left by your maid). We believe in expertise and we provide a variety of gloss finishes to your furniture.

Square & Rectangle Side Tables

We are famous for square and rectangular frames for your wooden side tables. Our top-rated professionals create stunning and unusual frames and boards for your side tables. They have a unique look and they become the focal point of your living area.

Why Holtor For Your Wooden Side Tables in Living Area?

We create intricate furniture that appears simple and attractive. Each piece is made with the best expertise and the belief that it will be unique. Choosing us will always create new expectations for your living room. In addition, you will receive the following benefits:

Unique Designs

Our designs are unmatched. Each piece has its own identity. You need help finding two pieces with the same design. There will be some subtle differences between the two pieces. Each piece is designed for someone whose personality is unique. Hence, we always believe in effortless design and craftsmanship.

Paramount Manufacturing 

Our expert carpenters are hired from all over. With years of experience in cutting wood with various tools and shaping it into desired shapes. Our craftsmen have the talent to create bold, elegant and exclusive furniture.

Trustworthy Relation

Holtor has never left any customer unsatisfied with its services. We provide excellent pre and post sales services. We do more than just sell furniture; we also build lifelong relationships. Our customers trust our work. In return, we provide them with completely honest work. Our products are easy to return and come with a warranty, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Pre & Post-Sales Services

Before getting an estimate for the furniture, our executive will inquire about your imagination. Our side tables are more than just furniture; They add beauty to the living area and express the emotions of the person. Once you tell us about your side table ideas. Then there is our collection of side tables for your living room display. We will show you the best side tables of its kind.

Holtor: Where Dream Furniture Becomes Reality in Your Living Room

Based in the United States of America (USA), we believe in preserving the heritage of the British people. Yet, our roots are in Asia, and our designs reflect Indian heritage. We are unique in our approach and believe in creating epic designs and long-lasting furniture.

We are famous for our hardwood furniture and are currently growing as a shining star in stone-based furnishing. Our items are imported and exported worldwide. We have established ourselves in the furniture manufacturing market by allowing you to turn your fantasy furniture into reality.

We have made the loyal furnishing dreams of many people come true. Our product portfolio is for businesses and families of all sizes. From modest to large-scale businesses, and middle to high-class families. Holtor’s wooden furniture collection is for everyone.

Why scroll through Google and other websites? Just visit to get the most exquisitely crafted and beautifully designed wooden side tables. Call us now. Or don’t forget to shake your hands on dazzling side tables that not only adorn your living space but also enrich your appearance.

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