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Sideboards are essential for keeping the essentials in the right place. These not only store your magazines, newspapers, and other random items, but they also enhance the aesthetics of your living space. When it comes to creating superbly crafted wooden sideboards, Holtor always shines. You can never stop being fascinated by the sideboards we create in various styles. We offer uniqueness and great designs in every product we produce. The aesthetics of your living room will never be spoiled thanks to our skilled manufacturer and timeless designs. You can invite as many people as you want, but it will be difficult to send them all back. They will not be able to get away from the theme of your hardwood furniture for your living room.

Holtor: Wholesaler of Wooden Sideboard in the USA

Holtor has emerged as a leading example of high-quality manufacturing that incorporates an elegant Asian aesthetic while maintaining the tradition of British furniture. We have amazing furnishings thanks to our partnerships with many wood brands. We can provide you with square or rectangular wooden sideboards.

We can make sideboards from any kind of wood of your choice. Holtor has produced sideboards in every range from standard wood to ultra-luxury furniture. Holtor has made it all. You can call us or directly visit our website to get a quote and add class to your living area.

What Type of Sideboard Do We Offer?

Sideboards are nothing but a drawer cum cabinet that stores your essentials. Be it your television remotes, old newspapers, books, magazines, etc. All are kept safe in these sideboards. High-level durability, long-lasting shelf life, amazing colors and designs, and much more. Everything is in one place which is Holtor.

Wooden Sideboards

We offer a standard to premium selection of sideboards that match well with the living room decor. Our specialty is to craft wooden sideboards that you place in the corner and force everyone to look at it from a distance.

Metal Sideboards

You can give the sideboard a sophisticated metallic finish. The finest hardwood will be used to make the bottom part, while a metal finish will be used to design the surface. It will not only look great from the corner. However, you can keep your everyday things in it. Also, you can keep your antiques on top of it.

Gloss Sideboards

If you add a gloss finish, your wooden sideboards will look more smooth or shiny. Holtor’s gloss finish will make your sideboard eye-catching. You can see the beauty of your sideboard in the living space and people loving it. Our furniture is so beautifully made that even a powerful food stain cannot affect its longevity as it is very easy to wipe or clean.

Stone Sideboards

We have gone further in creating stone-finished furniture for our customers. Holtor also offers stone-finish options for your sideboard customization. Whether it is granite, marble or any other stone. You make the selection, and we handle the manufacturing. We will provide a luxurious wood-stone collaboration that will give the impression that the furniture is from an old company.

Why Choose Holtor for Wooden Sideboard Manufacturing?

The Asian-American approach offered by Holtor is the primary factor that sets us apart from the competition. It was the traditional production and materialistic design of our furniture that made it the talk of the town. More explanations are listed below.

Competitive Price

We offer a wide range of furniture from mid-range to high-end. People with a low budget and enough space to save money can take advantage of Holtor’s wooden furniture manufacturing. With the occasional sales or discounts on our website, our prices are still reasonable.

Tailormade Solution

You can request customization from the existing furniture selection. Also, using your creativity, you can request full customization. We offer both types of services. You tell us your living room concept, theme, and any color preferences. We will make furniture specifically for you.

Help in Installing the Furniture

We guarantee that the furniture will be arranged properly. It provides us with motivation for the upcoming construction. Similarly, it points out the areas where our calculations were wrong while placing the furniture at the required location. We not only make the delivery, but we also assist you in installing the furniture at the place where you want it.


Everyone wants furniture that lasts a long time. Termite-free wood furniture or furniture made of materials that can withstand unexpected damage is better. It shows that the company has given its best while making the furniture for the customer.

Holtor: For Never Ending Classic Wooden Furniture Manufacturing

Giving your best is difficult. The organization has to shed blood and sweat to reach a place where its efforts are recognized and valued. Everyone at Holtor, from the artisans to the directors, has had to work hard, sweat and sometimes even get hurt, to reach where they are today.

Our unique designs, attractive aesthetics and efficient methodology have set us apart from the competition. Our experts have extensive training and in-depth knowledge of their equipment. Not everyone appreciates the level of equipment and expertise needed to create fine hardwood furniture. You can get a quick idea of ​​what that expertise is like by visiting our website, You can contact us by phone or visit our website directly for more information.