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If you are planning to import furniture from India, hiring a sourcing agent will prove to be beneficial for you. Most of these agents are more experienced and knowledgeable than the average foreign importer. Most foreigners do not know where to find reliable furniture suppliers in India. We as a best sourcing agents in India can help you save time and money because we have built a strong supply chain and are knowledgeable about the industry. We also have access to a lot of furniture suppliers in India. In a matter of 48 hours, you will receive a report containing the details of your chosen supplier. The best part is that WeSource has a vast network of suppliers in India and has maintained a good relationship with them for a long time.

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Large network of suppliers to meet the highest production standards.


Clients will stay informed throughout the contract life cycle constant.


The company has its own multi-modal transport document (MTD).

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Sourcing and Procurement Services

WeSource is one of the leading and the most trusted procurement service providers from India.

Product Designing

We optimize a product’s appearance through sketching, 3D modeling, prototyping and surface modeling.

Sourcing And Development

Sourcing your products to streamline production costs and time while maintaining product quality.

Order Management

We make sure you are constantly reported with every update from the entire production process.

Quality Control (QC)

We take various quality control measures to ensure you with optimum standardization of your product orders.


We take care of the entire custom clearance, from documentation to stuffing and DE stuffing of goods.

Logistic Operations

Our team handles all of the freight forwarding, shipping, and customs clearance from factory to your doorstep.

Working Flow

Giving Direction to Your Dream

For result oriented work, we follow specific guidelines, approaches and implementation to which give directions to your business dreams.

Help Clients in Selecting the Supplier
WeSource will translate the orders and communicate with the top Indian suppliers to meet the desired quality product at a reasonable price for the customer.
Negotiation & Quality Control (QC)
We will negotiate on your behalf with the supplier and test their products before buying them. This way, you will not only get a low price but also a high-quality product.
Compliance & Delivery Management
WeSource will also ensure that all necessary legalities are followed and the shipping costs are not too high so that you can get quality product at reasonable price.


How to find the Best Sourcing Agent in India?

The best way to find a reputable sourcing agent in India is to look at the background of the company. A reputable sourcing agent will have experience in many aspects of the manufacturing process. It is important to remember that the best sourcing agents are not the ones with the lowest bids, but the ones who are willing to work hard on your behalf. They should have a strong track record of providing high-quality services and products. The experience of sourcing agents is essential. They should have knowledge of industrial products and daily consumer goods. They should have a long list of good suppliers in their industry. Their knowledge and experience will provide sound purchasing advice. They must also be familiar with industrial clusters within India. These clusters have specific manufacturing processes. These can be helpful in reducing your procurement costs. Lastly, a good sourcing agent will help you make good decisions about the price you pay and whether the quality of the product matches your expectations. WeSource takes care of all these things and since last 10+ years we have been helping our customers across the globe to get their favorite products from India.

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