Console Tables

Console tables are a great way to highlight beautiful decorative elements in your living room. Whether it is a vase, artwork or any other masterpiece. The console table is perfect for you. Holtor’s handmade hardwood console table is the ideal way to liven up those unused corners. The table is beautifully made and shaped, giving your living space a classic look. Not only that, it is a great way to present your entertainment details such as gaming consoles, etc. Also, placing it near your entrance will make it the ideal area to keep your keys and mail. Holtor can customize your console table to match the theme and size of your living room.

Be Presentable With Our Unique & Intuitive Wooden Console Tables

Holtor has always been the pinnacle of the best wooden furniture made in the USA. Whether you want to decorate your bedroom or your living room. We have the best designs that are original, effortless and look great when placed in the appropriate area of ​​the house.

Another incredible benefit of appointing us as your furniture maker is the amount of room. We love to create furniture that suits the space. Most of our customers prefer furniture customization because of the amount of space available for placement.

Our home accessories have earned us recognition as one of the top wooden furniture exporters in the United States. We are one of the leading firms that offer seamless furniture return facility. So why look everywhere when Holtor is at your service?

What Type of Console Tables Do We Offer?

The console tables manufactured by us add class to your living area. The type of console table you want is best customized at Holtor. You tell us the size of the designated space, the theme of your living room, and the color of the table. We will arrange the best possible furniture.

Round Console Table

As a manufacturer, we believe in providing traditional designs made from the finest wood. Our round console tables have a classic or traditional feel, yet they are also modern in design. The sizes can change, and you can add any extra touch to them. For example, you can request a metal finish, gloss finish, or stone finish.

Square Console Tables

These tables are specially placed in the center or along the edge of the walls. It is best suited for displaying delicate and refined decorative things like vases. In the middle, it attracts attention with its design and craftsmanship. You are not going to take a look at your refreshments; you have to work hard.

Rectangular Console Tables

Our rectangular console tables are specially designed for storing entertainment equipment like gaming consoles and home theater setups. It is the ideal way to display your ultra-luxury things to the public and attract as much attention as possible.

Glass Console Tables

Glass finish is currently the most popular furnishing pattern. Our glass finish console tables come in various shapes and sizes. Moreover, you get the most intricate patterns that almost match the concept and decor of your living room. You can set it not only in your living room, but also in the bedroom. Our designs are suitable for all types of furnishings.

Why Holtor For Console Tables in Living Area?

Holtor is a top-tier firm that imports wood from around the world and manufactures furniture in various sizes. You don’t have to worry about the size or design. Another benefit of appointing Holtor as a furnishing partner is the ability to return the furniture. The rest of the information is given below.

Reasonably Priced

Our entire line of furniture is competitive. We don’t steal your money just to grow our furniture palace. We need to stay in the race and win it by satisfying the customer in every possible way. When it comes to buying furniture, pricing is the most important consideration. This is the only reason why Holtor is becoming a household name in the furniture industry.

Modish Craftsmanship

No organization can survive on its own. Craftsmen are the foundation of any furniture organization. Our employees are well trained and well-versed in what they make. We don’t have to sit on their heads to get our work done. They understand their responsibilities and carry them out decently. This is why Holtor never takes a back seat. We are the rising stars!

Clients Satisfaction

During our many years of experience, we have maintained about 80% customer retention. Our products, after-sales services and technical support with furniture installation have won us the hearts of our customers. We have received five stars from our customers. Also, by winning the hearts of our customers, we expanded our market reach.

Honesty at Work

When we talk about manufacturing furniture with our blood and sweat. We mean it. Our employees have even suffered injuries sometimes while manufacturing your furniture. Be it the scorching heat or the freezing cold. Our skilled workers never let this affect our commitments so that we can work with honesty. As a result, we are now known as the leading manufacturer of wooden furniture.

Holtor: Where Honesty is in Work & Words

Holtor is the leading manufacturing company based in the United States. They are the top importers of wood from all over the world. Their furnishing designs are the pinnacle of their honest effort and dedication. The experts are highly skilled and trained with many years of expertise. This inspires all the craftsmen to create high-quality, one-of-a-kind furniture designs.

They have also ventured into stone-based furniture. Whether you prefer granite, limestone, marble, quartz, etc. We believe that we have always been the leader in providing the best furniture for home decor. You will never forget us or our excellent work. To contact us please visit our website.

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