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Dining Tables

Furniture manufacturing is an art and Holtor is a top-notch performer. We are a global brand offering the finest range of dining room furniture in various categories. Be it wood or stone, our dining room furnishings envelop your entire space with elegance. Every corner and space is beautifully covered and you make every guest turn their eyes to your furniture. The dining table is the center-point of any dining room. It should be classy, ​​elegant and sturdy. Whenever you feel hungry, our dining room table gives you ultra-luxury comfort to chew your food peacefully.

The Finest Wooden Dining Table For Serving The Greatest Food

Greetings from Holtor. A genuine wood furniture manufacturer established in the United States that caters to home décor needs. Our furniture customization options, great production quality and classic designs give us an “admirable” air. Our clients have given us five stars on major directories. Moreover, we have completely satisfied customers everywhere. Our production has emerged as the industry leader, and we are constantly improving our methods. We guarantee the best wooden items available to decorate your home or place of business, using raw materials sourced from around the world and maintained at the highest quality. Give us a call and tell us about your concept. Our representative will contact you and provide you with the best quotations and samples.

What Types Of Dining Tables Do We Offer?

Our selection of wooden dining room furniture is extensive. Apart from dining tables, we also offer our knowledge and creative designs. With our furniture, you can become an icon of style and amaze others. The dining tables we offer in various price ranges are listed below.

Round Dining Tables

When discussing classic designs, we should not ignore traditional designs like round tables. Those who lose touch with their roots are unlikely to survive long in this field. We have kept a safe mix of two regions, Asia and America. This mix has given us materialistic tendencies and at the same time has helped us stay grounded.

Rectangular Dining Tables

Large families need extra seating space, so we offer rectangular dining tables. These tables are designed for simple-sized families only, with options of four-table dining sets, six-table dining sets, and eight-table dining sets. Each dining table set is designed in a rectangular frame, but can be easily changed to meet the demands and desires of the client.

Square Dining Tables

These tables are designed for small families, with tables seating up to four people. We offer exquisitely designed and extremely comfortable dining tables that are adorable and give you immense comfort when you sit on them. The color combination, size, and design can be customized anytime. All you have to do is talk to us. We will do it for you.

Wooden Dining Tables

It is not possible to talk about traditionalism and not show off your qualities. People depend heavily on us for their wooden furniture. Yes, we still make hardwood dining tables, and we will not let our legacy fade away. Moreover, we provide a glossy finish to the wood area. This adds a touch of luxury to your dining room as well as keeps our establishment in your heart.

Why Choose Holtor For Wooden Dining Tables?

We do not force anyone to buy their dream furniture from us. It is our job to inspire people to buy their dream dining tables. Also, we do not promote our business. It is God’s will and people’s faith in us that is making our company name reach in every possible way.

Customer Relation

We are not a strict wholesaler of wooden dining tables. As we meet the customer, we develop old relationships as well as build new ones. Every sale of ours depends a lot on our relationship with the customer. Whether it is a regular customer or a new one. We may not be able to make a sale with everyone who contacts us, but we will build a list of potential customers for the future.

Genuine Work

Our work does not involve fastening or gluing wood together. We have trained carpenters who design and cut the wood using the right tools. The wood will then be glued or joined using fine quality screws or glue (as required). You can come and see for yourself how hard we have worked to make your dining space attractive for delicious dishes.

Sales Support

Before getting a furniture quotation, our executive will ask about your ideas for furniture. Our dining tables are beyond mere furnishings; they add glamour to the room while expressing a person’s emotions. Once you tell us about your dining table concept. Then we have an assortment of dining tables for your living room presentation. We will provide you with our Showcasing the finest tables of its kind.

Quality Assurance

We guarantee the highest quality in all our wooden pieces. Our dining tables represent our perfection and Asian-American fusion of art and capability. We have rooted ourselves in Asian-American concepts of wooden furniture. Customizing your idea to give it a completely unique touch is also an option. Still, we provide the finest furniture that has never been seen before.

For All Your Standard to Luxury Wooden Dining Tables Needs

When it comes to building a dining table, we prefer to know what size, shape and type of wood you want. Our work starts with the client, not the wood. Once our client has spoken his heart out about his ideal furniture, we will work on the wood, design and other details. We also assess the level of our experts to ensure that the finest furniture is manufactured by the most qualified craftsman. We will select the finest designers, carpenters and sales executives to provide the necessary sales and pleasant services.