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In Sourcing and Development services, sourcing means an entire mechanism of choosing suppliers so that a smooth chain of providing goods and services ensures a smooth running of the business. The motive of sourcing here is to generally help the product development so that vendor relationships can be managed better. The most common uses of sourcing here are in supply chain management. In terms of product development services, everything from undertaking a product from a concept to the entire market availability is ensured. Under this, addressing the market need, researching the competitive landscape along with conceptualization a solution, and more.

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    We Understand Your Business

    As in comparison to today’s competitive world, sourcing, as well as development, is caught up in between the numerous alignments of product development, merchandising, and production. We understand that as the pressure of the price is rising rapidly and the successive excessive to suppliers and this leads to the reinvention of sourcing. Likewise, in the case of development, it is vital to stay at the top of the trends and customer needs. Jointly, sourcing and development have become vital in the growing integrated world.


    Sourcing And Product Development

    Our professionals make sure that the design and planning of the customer perfectly align with our services so that a finished product is delivered. Before putting our words into action, we make sure that we have conducted thorough planning. Thus, under this service, the customer needs to take their expected design to a factory, and then the next steps will be taken further by the factory. Since many processes are involved under the sourcing and Development services, we make sure that we carefully look at every process and do our best to enhance the very quality of their needs. Overall, it is our sole responsibility to ensure a finished and perfectly designed sample for our customers.

    Factory Evaluation or Vendor Selection

    Selecting the right vendor / factory partner is the most important aspect of a successful import program. During a Factory Evaluation or Vendor Selection process, we will examine your supplier’s capabilities, systems, management, and operating procedures. During the evaluation our trained auditors will inform them of, or reinforce to them, your specific quality requirements.

    Under vendor/factory evaluation, experienced teams and processes are said to be involved. These services are provided with nothing but an established model so that the new objective is met. Here, the in-house developed frameworks for vendor development generally focused on the progress of vendors.

    Pre-Production Inspection (PPI)

    This is a type of quality control inspection that is usually conducted before the beginning of the production process so that both the quantity and quality of the raw materials are assessed along with the respective components. In this very step, it is also made sure whether or not they align with the product specifications.

    • Are all materials ready to start the production soon?
    • What is the condition of the materials?
    • Are factory facilities and machinery ready?
    • Are my product specifications understood well by the supplier?

    Inline Product Inspection (IPI)

    By production inspection, it is generally meant that a continuous process of analyzing the goods for compliance with the customer’s needs and requirements. The main focus of production inspection is to figure out and improve the external and internal look, sense of building as well as foundation function of the product.

    • What is the real production status?
    • Is my supplier able to deliver on time?
    • Are my products compliant with my product specifications?
    • Is the workmanship acceptable based on ISO 2859-1?
    • Are my products passing all function and safety tests?

    Why Choose Us?

    Under this Sourcing and development services, we as a team ensure that every step conducted under this service is carried out with utmost perfection so that if anything lacks an overall, we can fix it and enhance its quality.

    79+ Verified Suppliers

    We have more than 79 verified suppliers that are sure to meet our customer’s finest and highest production quality and standards.

    High Quality Products

    WeSource has a wide collection of some of the best inspectors who thoroughly inspect the random samples and goods.

    On-Time Delivery

    WeSource always reaches out to their exporters so that we offer on-time delivery. We ensure this to maintain the punctuality.

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