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``Quality Control(QC) and Inspection Services``

Quality Control is yet another service that we offer at WeSource where we ensure that we carry through conduction of whether or not the quality of the product is satisfactory and has met the customers’ needs. The exact term Quality Control is determined as a business with the help of which we make sure that the product’s quality is either improved or enhanced. Under quality control, every possible method is taken so that the product reaches its utmost perfection. This is why the stages involved under the quality control service are exclusively performed by extreme trainees, thus helping to generate some benchmark for the respective product quality, followed by testing the product so that the significant variations are occasionally checked. One of many involvements in Quality control is a thorough examination of units and figuring out whether or not they fit under the specifications of the expected final finished product. The whole motive of quality control is to avoid any potential disappointment that customers can face. The entire quality control phase is based upon either the industry or the product.

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    The Entire Concept of QC

    Under the concept of quality control, several methods are carried out to check if the checklist of a perfect finished product has been met or not. Under this service, employees start with making the required raw materials, pulling samples from the correspondence manufacturing line, and then finishing by testing the final product. The motive of testing this is to analyze whether or not the product needs any improvement or upgrade.


    Quality Control and Inspection

    All in all, quality control is defined as the entire concept where the customers find their products free from any possible defect because if anything goes wrong with the product, then the consumers might as well put themselves under unwanted risk. Specifically, quality control can seem a bit complex for a moment, which is done at the end of the production process to find and correct the defects. Thus, several techniques are involved to take strict measures under the quality control service, making the product free of any defect. Every single step under the manufacturing process is involved in quality control. One of the many benefits of quality control is that it effectively helps recognize and solve all the possible liability concerns that are followed up with planning, decision making, and meeting all the customers’ needs.

    Pre-Production Inspection (PPI)

    This is done just before the beginning of the production process so that both the quality and quantity of the product are assessed. This is considered very important when a new supplier is dealt with. The entire pre-production process is finished only after the identification and calculation of the factory and just before starting the exact mass production.

    • Are all materials ready to start the production soon?
    • What is the condition of the materials?
    • Are factory facilities and machinery ready?
    • Are my product specifications understood well by the supplier?

    Inline Product Inspection (IPI)

    This stage of the quality control service is done when the product is going under the production process. In this stage, constructive feedback is given and a thorough explanation of the detected problems. Under this stage, the quality of the product is confirmed, and the same is maintained throughout the entire production process.

    • What is the real production status?
    • Is my supplier able to deliver on time?
    • Are my products compliant with my product specifications?
    • Is the workmanship acceptable based on ISO 2859-1?

    Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)

    Under the pre-shipment stage, an inspection of the newly manufactured products is carried out. The objective of this stage is to figure out the quantity and quality along with the possible defects of the products. The phases covered at this stage are performance, functionality, durability, appearance, and the respective dimensions.

    • Is the total order quantity ready for shipment: finished and packed?
    • Are my products compliant with my product specifications?
    • Is the workmanship acceptable based on ISO 2859-1?
    • Are my products passing all function and safety tests?

    Container Loading Supervision

    By container loading, it means the total volume of shipments transported using a generalized shipping container. In this case, if the container is in good condition and shape and the goods are in a well-defined shape and are carefully packed, they will be confirmed for further transportation.

    • What condition is the container in?
    • Are my products compliant with my product specifications?
    • Do my Shipping Marks, Packaging & Labelling conform?
    • Is the loading of the goods done properly to avoid damage?

    Why Choose Us?

    We at WeSource make sure all the necessary concerns and requirements of the customers are met regarding quality control and figuring out and deviating the possible problems. Our whole motive of conducting this service is to deliver a finished and defect-free product.


    Communication is the key to successful transportation, we ensure that we carry out efficient communication to avoid any confusion and misinterpretation.

    Custom Clearance

    An effective customer clearance is also carried by us at WeSource so that everything ranging from documentation to stuffing of the goods.

    Cargo Warehousing

    Cargo Warehousing is yet another service that we offer quality control so that rigid overhead costs of the customer are cut down to an optimum level.

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