Logistic Operations

``Hassle Free Logistics Operations Management``

Once your product is up and ready to go, we become an unmitigated bridge upon which your order takes route to be safely delivered unto you. We follow standard shipping instructions and carefully document all pre-shipment and post-shipment manuscripts. We also negotiate the best freight rates for your convenience and keep you informed with all the necessary shipping updates through essential means of tracking. For our team at We Source, managing logistics is more than just a simple procedure of delivering goods and services from one spot to another place.

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    We Understand Your Business

    Our logistics team makes sure to keep an eye on every minute detail of the process of the manufacturing as well the Quality check by coordinating with the respective teams.

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    Multi Modal Transportation

    We undertake transportation of goods via various means and ensure utmost care and work according to your conveniences. The company has its own multi-modal transport document (MTD), authorized by the concerned Ministry, which is used as a negotiable document and is acceptable all over.

    Trust us to carry out reliable, timely and hassle-free sea freight services for all kind of products. Transportation of goods from port of discharge to hinterland destinations in conjunction with our overseas partners.

    • NVOCC Operations
    • World-wide cargo Consolidation
    • Handling FCL’s / LCL’s shipment to world-wide destinations
    • Project Cargo handling
    • Ocean Freight Forwarding

    Dispatching your freight on time and at desired location is our prime responsibility. Transportation of air cargo, custom cleared in hinterlands to international air port.

    • World-wide Consolidation.
    • Qualified personnel for handling dangerous goods.
    • Option of carriers based on your cargo needs.
    • Project work & flight chartering.
    • A member of associates of International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA).

    Why Choose Us?

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    MTD Transportation

    Our team handles all of the freight forwarding, shipping, and customs clearance from factory to your doorstep.

    Custom Clearance

    We take care of the entire custom clearance, from documentation to stuffing and DE stuffing of goods.

    Cargo Warehousing

    We provide convenient warehousing services for your cargo so as to cut down your fixed overhead costs.

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