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Time does not stop, even in tough times that we are witnessing since the beginning of 2020, time is moving on, life is moving on and so are we. The best way to live with time is to flow with it. We all are gradually learning to take Covid-19 in our stride, and finding ways and means to adjust and adapt to this reality. Even though the season’s trade shows are canceled, in our line of business; we are witnessing new trends as regards marketing and selling furniture to keep the wheel moving.

Virtual exhibitions are happening all over the world to showcase products so that life can move on, and so can we. The business houses and companies are coming up with innovative ideas to reach out to their customer so that they can sustain their workforce. Virtual rooms are set for clients to showcase creativity, latest trends, and a new line of products so that we can chug along this critical period.

As people are spending more time at home around the globe, there might be a desire to make a few quick updates to home environments so that the home confinement becomes easy, comfortable, and organized. A few ready interior tips that will add aesthetics to your homeowners, making home confinement a pleasant experience.

  • Functionality:

Because we are spending time indoors, focus on livability is to be considered with everything that we want to add in the name of interiors and aesthetics. Making the most of the space available is where you can begin, choosing functional materials that will improve livability. Good interior design will consider the purpose of the area, as well as the lifestyle of the people using it. For instance, a kitchen or the living room that caters to a large family should be designed differently than a space that caters to a small family for two or three.

  • Making the most of the space available:

The revamping of an area should solve problems that the family must be facing in the past. The family is the best guide in terms of what the have and what they feel is lacking, and bridging the gap with your experience is the best way to keep the client happy. For example, small rooms, low ceilings can be given a feeling of large spaces by adding low furniture to create the illusion of bigger spaces and taller ceilings. Using vertical lines instead of horizontal also gives an illusion of better height and length. Also, with small areas, designing custom made furniture can meet the client’s expectation without wasting space. Re-designing the area is the best to optimally make use of the space available.

Give everything a home in places where every bit of space counts, the most useful bit of furniture is the ones that multi-task. Foot-stools to rest your tired feet, and store some knickknacks, and trifle stuff that just about hangs around the house. Our spacious chests can be used as blanket boxes or to store toys and the sturdy top can be used as a coffee table or just an accent piece displaying flowers and vases. Offering flexibility that walls can’t, a strategically placed bookcase partitions space for a home office without totally blocking the room’s flow. Choosing the right furniture for houses can save the owners the ordeal of cleaning everything every day.

  • Using accent pieces:

Accent pieces used to create points of special interest in a house. These can be in the form of chairs, bookcases, antiques, consoles, mirrors, sculptures, rugs, and lamps. The accent pieces are the ones that add zing or that spice to the design. So accent pieces should be chosen for their eclectic shape, texture, atmosphere, size, the period they were crafted in, and of course complementing spaces they are put in.

  • Adding complementary pieces:

Big with small, variations in height and texture, a sudden splash of color by putting an armchair or a sculpture, can add that element of surprise to the interiors. Marble artifacts, vases, cushions, consoles, plants, or artwork can be used to add new points of interest, homogeneity, juxtaposing, and blending one article with the other.

So whether it is a console, or an accent chair, a chest of drawers or a wardrobe, a small budget or some money to splash, the easy swaps and updates can make homes look fresh and breathe new life into the mundanities that have rattled the world since march this year.

The simple change does not have to cost the earth, and some sensible shopping can add that extra zing to your clients’ homes. Tired bedding can be removed, and can be replaced by a new set with colors of the season. When it comes to neutral hues lovers, no matter how pretty the modern furniture is there is nothing like the feeling to own vintage furniture pieces that are timeless. Whether they are placed in the living room or the dining room they transform any place they adorn. The best is to make a potpourri of vintage and modern and put it at accent places where they will catch the eye. While the vintage pieces add timelessness, the modern furniture pieces are guaranteed to bring luxurious aesthetics to the ensemble.

Sometimes when it comes to the kitchen, it is taken for granted that the kitchen is one place that cannot be revamped. But the truth is that it can, and it should be revamped because the average person spends a lot of their time inside the kitchen any other place in the house! And the more modern the kitchen the better, because a modern kitchen will have all the important things that a family needs to make their life easy and comfortable. The kitchen and the bathroom have to be the most practical- functional and modern places in the house. It is worth revamping and investing in furniture specially designed for the kitchen and bathroom that is a good organization of space with ample storage. Bright spaces, natural lighting are all key features of modern design. Choosing the right kind of wood can add years to your furniture. Acacia or oak, walnut or teak, depending upon individual budget one can revamp their homes. Acacia is durable, hence can be used extensively in the dining room or as a kitchen diner in the kitchen space.

The best designs are the ones that draw on the trend’s key features and that incorporate materials that are robust and practical. The tactile, rich-toned timbers teamed with metal in the industrial furniture range provides a strong style statement. The distressed types are the ones where roughly hewn grain is scored with a saw to add further depth of texture which the fans of modern dark furniture will love. Benches are our clients’ favorite because not only are they more informal and an easy way of entertaining extra guests; benches work wonderfully if there are young kids. A bench is a great space saver. Alternatively, mix and match some of the dining chairs with the benches, and the dining area has sufficient space for the family even if there is a constraint of space otherwise. We all know the positive effects of spending time outdoors, but during this time of isolation, lots of us will be missing that all-important connection to nature. Despite being cooped up, it’s still possible to make use of greenery and its power to relax and calm. Planters around the house add cheer and gaiety around the house. Whether it is the table or near the doors, in the hallway or the living room; plants usher in positivity and life into homes.

An intense way of living is by taking all challenges in your stride, and create success stories for yourself and your clients, as many, and as much as possible. Get inspired, be an inspiration to someone else. Life is either about adding value or creating value for yourself and others.

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