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If you own a furniture store then you must know that it relies on merchandising is arranging the furniture to show off its attributes & subtly to convince the customer whatever their needs are and if your retail store can fulfill them. These are the few things which your customer can interpret by the sight, sound, touch and even by the smell of your retail store. So you need to take care of these things and undoubtedly use merchandising as the main key for the future of your furniture store. Now, let us have a look at top ways to attract the customer in your furniture retail store.

Using Customer Imagination 

Rowing the beds in your retail store doesn’t entertain the customer. But an aesthetic design of the bed with fluffy pillows, a down comforter and a cashmere throw will definitely attract the consumers just by looking at the store. We also suggest a subtle floral scent of roses on a bowl of potpourri to set the tone for the customers. Other display options include in your furniture retail store a baby’s nursery, a family room complete with games, and a dining table set that you got from global sourcing companies in India. 

Change the Display

The displays need to be changed from time to time. Customers do not shop for furniture on a monthly basis, it is something that people buy when they need something or they are pleased with the furniture that you have displayed on your retail store. Customer psychology works in a very different way, by seeing the same display they think that you haven’t received any new merchandise, so there is no point in looking around.

For instance you can go for changes according to the color. Create a theme for every month so you can make the changes for the whole year and if you think that something is delivering more and more than you can keep it for some time. The furniture sourcing company in India can help you with the designs every month for your retail store so you can sell more and more pieces and earn good profit out of it.

Mood Lighting & Window Displays

Lighting makes it easy for the customers to see the furniture. The proper furniture in your store can help you with focused attention where you want your customers to look . A light in the black of a plant creates interesting shadows & creates an attention around the furniture which will lure the customer to buy it. Consider how the store looks from the outside, and design the window display according to the seasons or festivals for easy sales. Put your top pieces on window displays so it can let the people know that they want it and it is up for the sale.

These are the ways to merchandise your furniture store, so you get more & more customers in your stores. The furniture wholesalers can help you with the regular import of the furniture that you want so you can serve every customer’s needs.

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