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As a furniture buying agency in India, WeSource knows where to buy the best quality furniture. Whether you are buying for your home or for your clients, we can help you find the best pieces for the best prices. We not only help you with where to look but also negotiate with suppliers and ensure the quality of products so that they are affordable, and worth the cost. WeSource will also check and verify the information, and make sure everything is running smoothly. We also ensure that all the rules are followed. We as a reputed furniture sourcing agency in India help our clients to find a suitable product for their business and find the best deal so that they can get the right furniture in their budget.

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Our Range of Furniture Products

Industrial Furniture

Talking about industrial furniture then, it comes in various designs, types and styles. Among all the sources that provide all sorts of industrial furniture, folks need to choose the most reputed one. When buying better quality industrial furniture, folks need to check out some crucial factors like wood quality, type, design and style. Functional metal tools, up-cycled wood and exposed brick walls are some hallmarks of industrial interior design. Whenever you buy industrial, you should prefer a top-ranked company or brand. The products you are going to buy must come with at least 1 year warranty period and gives you better services.


Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is the best way to keep a safe and fresh environment at your home, office or apartment. It’s because wooden furniture of any sort is made up of better quality wood or you can say eco-friendly. The most popular types of woods that are used to create furniture are Teak wood, oak, Rosewood and many others. Not only is this, when folks prefer a reputed and top-ranked company for buying wooden furniture, then they can use them for years. The better quality wooden furniture is made up of the combination of skills and hard work of an expert craftsman. Whenever folks are going to purchase wooden furniture, then paying attention to the quality, price, design, style, shape, and size is a vital aspect.


Cane Furniture

Well, in this, a mesh of split canes is fixed in the stretched way all over the parts of the framework. Mainly, the particular type of work is completed on the seats of chairs and backs. Now, talking about the cane then, it is imported from Europe and through the East India Company. As it is a fashionable wood design or shape, so it’s a classy and stunning type of furniture. To buy it, people only have to deal with the top-ranked or popular brands that deal in all kinds of furniture. Also, individuals are provided with cane furniture mostly at all online stores. The price of such type of furniture varies from different designs to styles and shapes.


Upholstery Furniture

It’s a work of offering furniture, mainly seats, springs, padding, webbing, leather covers and fabric. It’s a word that is used to create the materials that are used to create upholstery. Nor is this; the same type of furniture is also used for giving the fabric furnishings stunning looks. It’s a design and style that comes from the Middle English word, i.e. upholder. The particular type of material can be used for automobiles, boats, and domestic and aeroplane furniture. Nowadays, the majority of companies deal in upholstery furniture, and they provide all sorts and designs according to the customer’s choice. Also, the quality of upholstery wood is better and offers better durability.


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