Furnishing Retail Stores With Profit: Furniture That Every Retail Store Should Have On Sale

The furniture industry in India is vast and growing and the popularity of specific furniture types need no introduction. Furniture retailers can benefit greatly from this popularity and increase the profit growth rate of their business.

Here are some of the most popular furniture types in India that every furniture retail shop owner must put up for sale.

1. Sofas

Sofas play a significant role in defining the living room of a residence or any other space, even commercial. Sofas are popular all over the world, especially with a variety of types to choose from. A furniture market as one in India can gain an advantageous position and opportunities by not only having different types of sofas put up in the retail shops for sale but also having the sofas supplied into the global economy. There are plenty of global sourcing companies in India to help open doors for furniture suppliers in India to the global market.

2. Tables

Every house has at least one table, some even have more than ten- all of different types and purposes. The table is one of the most popular furniture types in not only India but also the world. As a result, tables are also one of the most sourced furniture pieces by sourcing companies in India. With the arrival of foldable and hanging desks and multi-purpose tables, the furniture piece has been observed as one of the most flexible and adaptable furniture types.

3. Chairs

From large, oversized, club chairs to average, commercial-purpose-oriented chairs. Chairs have made it to this list with the furniture’s ever-growing demand. There are more than 30 varieties of chairs available and India excels in wooden chairs, as it does in the woodworks industry.  Having at least 10 different varieties of chairs in the shop for sale could benefit the retailer greatly.

4. Beds

Having about more than thirty-five varieties available for being manufactured, the bed is unsurprising, one of the most popular furniture types available in both, the consumer as well as the retailer market.

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