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Every year Pantone releases its color of the year, and for 2020-2021 it has chosen the blue that evokes the mystique of the twilight sky. The beautiful blue that is found in the depth of the ocean, the twilight sky, and sapphire- the gemstone.

Staying in is the NEW GOING OUT, and in frustrating times such as these when the world is confined to their homes, is it then not a good idea to add Nature in full flavor to your clients’ homes? We draw inspiration from Nature so that your clients don’t miss anything while they are spending most of their time indoors.

In a world dominated by AI and technology, our furniture range with the Pantone blue of the season will inspire your clients to be away from technology for a while, and bask in the beauty of Nature within the confines of their homes. For us, as the furniture buying agents, this year’s Pantone blue ushers in ideas to create furniture, accent pieces that will take your clients close to Nature, and make it easy for them to stay indoors.

The fact that this earthy blue teams beautifully with our furniture is a bonus!

So whether it is the living room or the kitchen, bedroom or the dining room, our furniture carved in oak-wood, mango, acacia will glamorize the mundane of homes and give your clients enough motivation to work from home. Your clients will need everything that they were otherwise enjoying by going to restaurants and traveling overseas, and taking holidays. The homes need to be prettier, more equipped, more tasteful so that your clients love spending time at home and don’t miss the outdoor activity much.

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We have been busy updating our furniture range to incorporate the new 2020 home trends. From traditional classics to more contemporary looks, our stylized range of wood, industrial, vintage furniture collection has been designed keeping the latest trends and home confinements in mind. Whilst some have the benefit of a large home office, there are still many who struggle to find the space in their homes. But your clients need not worry. Whether it is an adult working space or kids’ homework tasks, your clients will find solutions in our home office range of furniture that will meet everyone’s and every household’s needs. If your clients need something compact because of limited space in the house, then we have small corner desks that recreate an office environment and shells out quality and productive work! The home office furniture is contemporary, classic, and incredibly versatile, modular, and highly practical that will not occupy space. By utilizing storage spaces for files and nick-nacks your clients will not have to compromise on work or floor space.

Our contemporary range of home office furniture that is sleek, stylish, and understated, has a clever drawer to keep everything tidy. When you are working hard you need hardworking solutions and our mid-century desk with innovative modern design with Qi-standard fast charge wireless charging pad will charge all devices, and your clients can wirelessly pair their smartphones, tablets via Bluetooth and enjoy music at the same time!

Our collection of space-saving office furniture is styled to help your clients have a sublime yet flexible workspace. So whether you choose reclaimed originals or industrial or art deco that oozes character, or select modern reproductions; you can create a unique look that makes a real statement for your clients. Thankfully we are all becoming more environmentally conscious and one way we can contribute to lessening our impact on climate change is by choosing our furniture and invest in where it is sourced from. Many furniture collections are now being made from reclaimed and recycled/upcycled materials that are adding retro charm to the spaces they adorn. Not only will your clients get a truly unique piece of furniture full of character and charm, but they will also get the satisfaction of adorning their spaces knowing that they are helping the planet.

Because it will be “the season” soon, a bar cart is an essential prerequisite to show off beverages, and it will be a crime to not show off the collection of glass in the season! The embers in the fireplace, friends visiting and the beverages are all that one needs in the cold harsh weather to make life complete. Mix drinks in choice of glass and its party time for your clients at home! If laid back dining is more your preference, then add a high bar table and bar chairs to your kitchen diner and you will get the bistro vibes. Happy days indeed!

Where and if your clients enjoy vast spaces in their homes, we have some unique stylish hallway furniture and accent pieces for the hallway. So whether it is decorative furniture or some practical storage spaces, our range in oak-wood is the most popular choice because of its hardwearing capability that can withstand bumps and scratches of your clients’ family and friends bustling in and out. Our bestselling solid oak-wood furniture is a perfect example of this blend of practicality and solid construction. For those who prefer a more stylish and artistic ambiance, we have the art-deco range with rounded edges, and subtle, understated design elements. For those who look for a more formal, traditional feel, for them, we have some beautiful pieces in acacia that ensures that your home doesn’t feel dated. The range is full of contemporary design and style features that look perfect in time yet have the endorsement of the past, no matter how traditional or modern the home space might be.

Whatever you call it- the lounge, the living room, family room, or front room, there is no doubt this is where the family feels like a family, in the informal spaces of the living room, the conversations flow without inhibitions, and binds the family and friends together. We offer wooden living room furniture that is stylish, and that combines beautifully with your clients’ idea of a family room. From the classics to art-deco, retro-chic to contemporary, industrial, or reclaimed, we have a vast range that will be perfect for the family room. An ever-popular choice is the light oak-wood that is hard, solid, and good value for money. Our strong oak-wood furniture, solid built will last a lifetime. Our range of furniture in acacia and mango has an attractive blend of modern style packed with smart and interesting modular features. For the urban chic, we have a range of industrial furniture that makes a genuine statement for those seeking something individualistic and striking for their homes.

Besides this, we have a complete range of furniture for every and any kind of space that is available that your clients’ are thinking of filling with wooden furniture. We keep functionality and beauty at the heart of our designing with the colors Pantone releases every year.

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